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Hi, we're Nic and Amy


Nicole DeCosta (Nicis a sucker for words and their power to connect. They’re special, once said you can’t take them back and she’s written millions of them. As an award-winning multimedia journalist of 15 years and on-air TV host/producer in a top 20 market, she enjoys covering — and uncovering — stories with spirit. She considers it a privilege to share stories for a living and connect with people through the lens on Portland's CW. She’s a ball of energy and positivity. And her laugh echoes for miles. And don’t get in her way if she sees a cute small dog or Britney Spears releases a new single. Oh, baby, baby, could get ‘ruff! Speaking of music, Nic is a huge concert connoisseur. Whether it’s a local act or touring festival, you’ll find her dancing in the aisles and making friends.  



Amy Maxwell (Amycan turn any ol’ day into a Disney-like celebration. As an event and entertainment professional who owns her own ticketing company, Amy produces festivals, concerts and fundraisers and has built Ticket Tomato into a sought after nationwide brand for concerts wanting guests to receive the concierge treatment. Her box office management gives all patrons the VIP experience. Giving back is pretty much what Amy is all about. She is a former Ambassador Board member for Children’s Cancer Association and is the Executive Director, Co-Founder and Board Member with the Oregon Military Museum Project. And yes, she’s one of those people who will casually invite you over for a glass of wine and has transformed her kitchen into a feast fit for the queen — fresh flowers in the center and cute cocktail napkins. 



Proving the power of words, one night Amy said, “…oh, that’s funny. We should put that on a T-shirt.” And the rest is history and Nic & Amy was hatched — empowering, funny and inspirational words to be worn proudly. 

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